107 and 117 Banbury Road

The North Oxford Overseas Centre consists of two large houses, both of which are situated on Banbury Road. The houses are about 1 mile from Oxford city centre and within easy walking distance of the main libraries, laboratories and most of the colleges. There are shops, banks, a post office, newsagents, chemists, small supermarkets and several doctors and dentists nearby.

Distances from NOOC

On Foot
By Bike
By Bus
Local shops (Summertown)
10 minutes
2-3 minutes
2 minutes
Green College and Norham Gardens
10-15 minutes
4-5 minutes
5 minutes
The university science area 20-25 minutes 4-5 minutes 10 minutes
The city centre 30-40 minutes 5-8 minutes 10-15 minutes
John Radcliffe Hospital 50-55 minutes 15-20 minutes 15-20 minutes
All these times are approximate and should be taken as a guide only


Bus Routes to NOOC (within Oxford)

Banbury Road is a principal bus route with buses passing both buildings approximately every 5 minutes. Please see the 'Travel' category for links to the bus company websites.

If you need any help with directions to NOOC please contact the office.


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