We have included answers to common (and not-so-common) questions asked by applicants and residents, organised under headings. Clicking on the individual question will make you jump to that section.


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A.) About Bookings
1. How do I make a booking?
To make a booking you need to complete an application form. To be redirected to our section on how to apply, click here. If we can offer you accommodation we will ask for a booking deposit to confirm the booking.
2. We are a couple/family. Can we book a single room?
Single rooms can only be occupied by one person
.3. Can I book accommodation for less than 7 nights?
In academic term time, the minimum length of stay is one term. During the vacation time, we can consider requests for a shorter length of stay.
4. How do I pay the deposit?  What happens to the booking deposit once I arrive?
If we are able to offer you accommodation we will send you full details about how to pay the booking deposit.  We accept cash,  bank transfers and credit / debit card payments.  After you arrive at NOOC the booking deposit is held as a damage deposit.
5. My application form is not sending/I get an error message each time I send the form
Some countries may experience technical difficulties with submitting the form so if you need a text version of the form please send us an email.
6. I want to cancel my booking, what will happen to my deposit?
Please see our cancellation policy for this information.  If you have any further queries please send us an email.
7. My plans have changed and I need to change my arrival date
If your arrival date changes to a later date then certain conditions apply: Please see our cancellation policy to see which apply to you.
If you wish to arrive earlier than your booked arrival date, please contact us as soon as possible and we will check if a room is available.  This is not always possible and you may need to make alternative arrangements.
8. How Long Can Someone Stay at the Centre?
Accommodation at the centre is provided primarily for long term bookings but we do accept short term bookings outside the academic term. During the academic year bookings greater than 12 weeks will be given priority. Please follow this link to see the University of Oxford’s term dates: http://www.ox.ac.uk/about/facts-and-figures/dates-of-term
Length of stay
  • An academic term to one year which may be extended to a maximum of two years.
  • Academic visitors up to a maximum of 12 months.
  • Minimum period is two weeks during the summer vacation (July 1st – September 30th).
  • For more information about how long you can stay, please look at section D in our Accommodation Policy
9. Can I shorten my stay at NOOC?
To shorten a stay, because of early completion of a study course or the need to leave Oxford earlier than anticipated, notification must be made at least 28 days in advance of the new departure date.
Finding alternative accommodation is not a valid reason to leave the Centre before the due departure date, as agreed in the Licence Agreement. This means that if you want to move to alternative accommodation in Oxford before the expiry of your Licence Agreement, we will not accept 28 days’ notice. We reserve the right to charge up to the end of the agreed licence period.
Please read our cancellation policy.
10. What are the booking conditions at NOOC?
To stay at NOOC, you must sign a Licence Agreement before you arrive at the Centre. You can find a copy of the Licence Agreement, and other policies which apply in our Terms and Conditions section.
NOOC can terminate your Licence Agreement if:
  • You fail to pay the accommodation charges.
  • You breach the terms of the Licence Agreement.
  • You cease to be engaged in full time academic study.
  • You have made false claims on the application form in order to be eligible for accommodation.

B.) About Accommodation

1. Is NOOC like a hotel?
No, NOOC’s accommodation is almost exclusively for post-graduate students and academic visitors who make NOOC their home during their stay in Oxford.
2. Is NOOC like a student dorm?
No, accommodation is almost exclusively for post graduate students and academic visitors and therefore NOOC is generally a quiet place where people spend a large amount of time studying.  We promote a peaceful environment where the needs of others for quiet and rest are respected.  This means that life at NOOC is not as lively or vibrant as life in a dorm or hostel for younger students might be. NOOC does not provide any meals with its rooms.
3. Are guests allowed?
Please refer to our Guest Policy.
4. Is there any restriction on when I enter and leave the building?
No.  Each resident is issued with their own room key and outside door fob.  This means that you can come and go when you like.
5. What kitchen facilities are provided?

In the main residents’ kitchens there are fridges, freezers and cupboards (with allocated space for each resident).  There is an electric oven, a grill and gas hobs.  There are toasters, electric kettles and a microwave.  There are also various other cooking utensils and equipment.

Each resident (without their own kitchen) is provided with a basic set of cutlery, china, pots, and pans, which includes the following:

  • a saucepan
  • a frying pan
  • a bowl and plates
  • cutlery (table knife, fork, spoons)
  • a mug and a glass
  • two wooden spoons
  • an electric kettle
Residents with their own kitchen are provided with a fridge (some rooms have freezer space in the room, others have freezer space in the main kitchen), hob, kettle and toaster.  Pots and pans, cutlery, crockery, mugs and glasses and some basic cooking equipment are also provided.  Some rooms also have an oven and grill, and/or a microwave.
6. What bathroom facilities are provided? How many people share a bathroom?
Where rooms have shared bathroom facilities we provide a toilet, washbasin and shower for residents to use.  The number of people sharing a shower/toilet ranges from 2 to 6.  Shared bathroom facilities are cleaned every day except Sunday.
7. Do you provide any kitchen storage space?
Yes.  There is allocated kitchen storage space in each main kitchen.  On average each resident is allocated two cupboards to use as storage.  We also provide fridge space (normally one fridge shelf) and freezer space (normally half a shelf). Double rooms and family flats have their own storage and fridges in their kitchens.
8. Is there a laundry?

Yes.  In each building there is a laundry room.  Each laundry has one washing machine and one drying machine.  You must provide your own soap/washing liquid.  The machines are operated by coins.  One washing cycle costs £2.00 and one drying cycle costs £1.00. We also provide an ironing board and iron in each laundry room. There are drying racks inside and outside which you can use.

9. Does the Centre provide heating?/How does the heating work?
Yes.  The centre is centrally heated and there is a radiator in each room.  These can be controlled by residents via a flow control valve on each radiator, although there is a centrally controlled thermostat which sets a max. temperature.
If residents find that they are still cold, we can provide extra blankets.

10. Can I bring a bike/car?  Where can I park it?
You are welcome to bring your own bicycle or car with you.  We have covered bicycle racks at both buildings and there are two car parks (for approximately 6 cars each).

11. Can I bring personal electrical equipment (e.g. radio, hairdryer, TV, computer, rice cooker)?
Yes.  In order to ensure safety in the building we ask to check each electrical item you bring before you use it.  UK uses three pin sockets and we provide an adaptor in each room (2-pin/British).  The electricity supply is 240 volts AC. If you are bringing your own adaptor to the UK, please make sure all the pins are metal.
Cooking equipment may only be used in a kitchen, not in a bedroom.
12. Is there a television/DVD player?
13. Is there a telephone I can use?
Yes.  There are a few telephones in each building.  These corridor telephones accept incoming calls but do not accept outgoing calls unless they are free of charge.  Telephone calls that are free of charge include the emergency services (999) and any telephone number that starts 0800 or 0500.  
NOOC does not provide telephone lines for each room.
14. Do you organise any social events?

Yes.  During the academic term time we hold a social event approximately once every two weeks.

15. What are the checking in / checking out times?
A resident can check in any time between 8:30am and 10:00pm all week. During office hours, one of our staff members will take you to your room and give a brief tour of the building. If you arrive outside office hours, one of our Duty Wardens will be available.
The day you leave you room will be specified at the time of registration or renewal of agreement. We ask that residents vacate their room by 10am on the specified date of departure.
16. What does NOOC not provide?
NOOC aims to provide basic resources for your stay in Oxford. We cannot provide everything anyone will ever need. Please Other facilities and amenities for more details, and contact us if there is something critical to your stay.
17. Can I smoke at NOOC?
You may not smoke in any part of the buildings. However, you are able to smoke outside the building, but please be mindful and keep your distance from the doors.
18. Who can I contact in an emergency?
24 hour emergency cover is provided by a small team of Duty Wardens who live at the centre. They can be contacted by telephone, and will meet new residents who arrive outside normal office hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm)
19. How quiet is it at NOOC?
NOOC is a residence for masters / doctoral students and academic visitors, so most of the time it is very quiet. However, NOOC is a communal place of residence where people are living in close proximity to each other. Therefore, applicants should be aware of the possibility of some noise such as voices, doors closing, furniture moving etc.

C.) About the Rooms
1. How big are the rooms?
Because of the age of the buildings only a few of our rooms are a ‘standard size’. If you would like specific information about your room, please contact us to ask. You can also look at photos of each room here.

2. Do you provide internet access?  What does ‘internet provided’ mean?
We provide wired and wireless internet access to all the rooms at 117 and 107.  This means that there is 24 hour internet access in each room and this facility is included in the cost of the room.

3. What furniture is provided?
In each room there is a desk, chair, bookshelves, drawers, wardrobe and bed.  There is also a washbasin in each room. Some rooms also have bedside tables and armchairs.  Some larger rooms have an additional table and chairs.

4. Is bed linen provided?  Do you provide towels?
We provide bed linen.  This consists of a duvet, pillow, sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase.  You can change these once per week. There is also an extra blanket if you need it.
We do not provide towels and you should bring these with you.

5. Can I change to a different room at NOOC?
Residents may apply in writing to the Administrator for permission to move to another room in the centre.  A charge is made for a room move that occurs at the request of a resident.

D.) About Charges/Costs

1. How much do the rooms cost?
Please see the Price List page for this information.  If you have any further questions please use the form on the Contact Us page.
2. What is included in the price of the room?
Rental charges include heating, lighting, water and electricity.  Internet access is also included. The weekly laundering of bed linen is included but your own personal laundry costs are not. We do not provide any food/catering.
3. How can I pay the charges?  Do you accept credit cards?
Charges can be paid by cash, or bank transfer.
We can also accept debit and credit card payments. 
4. Are the charges made weekly or monthly?  When is the rent due?
Charges are payable monthly at the beginning of the month.  Invoices are sent out on the last day of the previous month with approximately five working days in which to pay.
5. Can I use my deposit to pay for my last month’s rent?
No, the deposit will be refunded after you leave. The deposit is used as security against any damage that might happen to your room while you are there. All damage to, or losses of, the Association’s property by a resident, their family or guests must be paid for and the Housekeeper will carry out an inventory check at the end of a tenancy.
6. How do you determine how much to charge for a room?
Accommodation charges are determined by the Board of Management and are published by 1 May for implementation on 1 June of the same year. At least two months’ notice will be given for changes taking effect at other times.
Our charges are based on length of stay and the type of room you book.
The price for each room is determined by a number of factors (including size/floor area, number of people sharing a bathroom, location, and its decoration/facilities).

E.) About the Website

1. How accurate is the vacancies page?  What does ‘Offered’ mean?
The vacancies page is updated at least once per week.
However, please do not assume that if a vacancy is listed that room will automatically be available for you.
If a room is listed as being ‘Offered’ it means that it has been offered to another applicant but the booking has not been confirmed yet.

2. I have found a problem/mistake with one of the pages. What should I do?
Please Contact Us so that we can fix the problem!