Accommodation Introduction

This information is to help you gain an understanding of the rooms and facilities we provide and what living at NOOC is like. We hope this will help you decide whether NOOC is right for you. We provide short to long term accommodation, with a focus on longer term bookings. The majority of rooms are single with shared facilities and communal spaces. Applicants need to expect that living at NOOC does involve communal living. We also offer some self-contained family flats and a small number of self-contained double/single rooms.
All residents will be required to sign a Licence Agreement with us. This can be found along with our Terms and Conditions

NOOC has the following rooms
58 single rooms
    • 47 with shared facilities*
    • 3 with its own ensuite
    • 5 with its own kitchen*
    • 3 with an ensuite and kitchen

* Bathrooms are shared between 2-6 people

6 double rooms for couples, 2 flats for couples
  • All our couple accommodation has an ensuite and kitchen
4 family flats
  • All our family flats have an ensuite and kitchen, as well as a separate bedroom
NOOC also offers common areas for eating and recreation, as well as other facilities. For more details, click here.

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